Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release

The myofascial system in your body is designed to provide stability to your organs and facilitate movement of the body.

Every time your skin or muscles are damaged, more fasciia is deposited into that tissue area.

Myofascial release with the RipTools can help you regain your flexibility by breaking down these healed tissues, effectively mobilizing the tight areas of the body.

R.I.P Tools

Wondering about the these tools in the above photo?
They are R.I.P Tool Recovery. Injury. Prevention.
A new tool to perform manual therapies such as Graston with a more tolerable feeling with the use of plastic tools vs the traditional metal design. Patients have reported less bruising.

Sport Injuries

If you’re experiencing stress or discomfort from a sports injury, auto accident, or you just woke up with the pain, consider scheduling your appointment as soon as possible.

Initial Consultation is $180. Follow-Up Visits start at $80 and can be discounted up to 25% off with Pre-Payment Packages & Memberships (Call for details)
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